£15 per person. Children under 12 free.

£10 per person.

Children Under 12 – FREE
Car Parking – FREE

These will be on sale for £5 at all car parks and yards. They are all colour, full of information on the Trainers’ yards and their horses, together with a map, details of the Day, articles and photographs and much more. An excellent souvenir. Since we print at the latest possible time, so as they contain up to date information, they are not available pre the Open Day

All proceeds go to charity.


Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on leads at all times. There will be a Dog Show in the afternoon at the Afternoon Events field, with many classes, open to all visitors.


Car Parking is free. There are eight car parks around Lambourn. Those in Lambourn itself are within easy walking distance to many yards and the Afternoon Events area. We regret that, due to houses and new yards being built, that one of the main, bigger ones is now a slightly longer walk to the Afternoon Events field than we would wish. It is not very far, however, and it will be the last to be used.

If you wish to visit Nicky Henderson, it might be best to go there first, before parking in the centre of Lambourn, since it is 2-3 miles outside of Lambourn. On the way from this to the centre, you can visit Charles Hills and William Muir/Chris Grassick (they share a car park), Harry Whittington and Clive Cox.

Please follow the traffic signs and please see the programme’s map for details. All vehicles are left at their owner’s risk.


This will be situated on the Afternoon Events field, at the top (Southern) end of the arena, by the loudspeaker van. The people there will help with any enquiries.


Approach routes, in particular from the Wantage road off Junction 14 M4, will have signs directing traffic to the various areas used on the day.


We will do our best to help you. It may be possible to park close to the stables at Trainer’s yards who have their own car park, such as Clive Cox, Nicky Henderson, Jonathan Portman and Harry Whittington. Please speak to the car park staff on arrival. There will be disabled toilets at Nicky Henderson, Car Park 2 and at the Afternoon Events field. The latter has a car parking area for disabled people with a relevant car badge (own, not provided by the Open Day), and disabled toilet facilities are there. The Afternoon Events area is in a reasonably flat field; the main arena and tradestands are only a short walk from the disabled park.


There will be a medical team on the Afternoon Events field. In case of need, please contact the people at the Committee Tent. Each yard will have its own facility.


Decorative items, such as tea towels and mugs  can be purchased from the Committee Tent on the Afternoon Events area. Great souvenirs and presents!


There will be £1 Raffle tickets available throughout the Day at all yards and from the Committee Tent on the Afternoon Events field, offering some great prizes. It will be drawn at approximately 4.30 p.m. on Good Friday 7th April at the Tent.


The Lambourn Open Day’s profits all go to help Lambourn. Over 80% goes to the Lambourn Valley Housing Trust, a registered charity, which works for the welfare of Lambourn’s hard working stable staff and their families. The rest goes to places of benefit to them too: Lambourn’s school, surgery, sports club etc, and to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, an organisation which is not Government funded, and which is always ready to come to our assistance in an emergency. Open Day profits have played a huge part in the Housing Trust buying land and building 18 houses, purchasing 5 more properties, and it is currently buying 7 more. All are for the use of stable staff and their families. Your attendance today, and financial support, is appreciated enormously.


There are many excellent items which would not be available for purchase anywhere else. They are shown on this site. Bids for these can be made on this site until Good Friday, and then at the Committee Tent from midday. Bids need to be made on line. The auction will close at 4.30 p.m. on Good Friday 7th April.


Sponsorship of events is obviously available, and most welcome. There are many benefits to be had from it. Please contact us to find out more.


These can be purchased in advance. Please go to the Home page, and scroll down to the red button. Otherwise, they can be purchased in all car parks and yards. A £15 ticket is valid for the entire day. Children under 12 are free. Tickets for the Afternoon Events from 1 p.m. are £10.


There will be ordinary and disabled toilets on the Afternoon Events area, and in many car parks.


There will be a wide array of tradestands on the Afternoon Events area. They will be open from 10 a.m. There will be plenty of food and drink outlets. There will be the Outside Chance Beer Tent, open from midday.

If you are interested in having a tradestand, do please get in touch, but please contact us in plenty of time before the Day.


Routes will be signed, most especially from J14 M4. Lambourn, being a small town, there may be some congestion at peak times, but there should not be any major problems.


Please see under Day’s Attractions on this site.


Yards will be open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Yards have to close at lunchtime in order to help the horses, some of which may be running the following day. The map in the programme will show the location of the yards.




For over 30 years, The Lambourn Open Day has been the chief provider of funds for the welfare of our superb and hard working stable staff.

All the profits go towards helping them and their families. The bulk of the money goes to our Registered Charity, The Lambourn Valley Housing Trust. Please see below. The rest, about 10%, goes to helping various facilities for them, such as the Lambourn School, their Sports Club etc, as well as to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.