Lambourn Valley Housing Trust

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Mark Smyly (Chairman), Christina Dunlop, Martin Fetherston-Godley, Nicholas Gaselee, Mark Kershaw, Simon Marsh, Oliver Sherwood.

The principal activity of the charity is to relieve poverty among persons employed, or formerly employed or active in the horse racing industry, together with their wives, widows and dependent children, in particular by the provision of housing.


The trust is a registered charity that raises money to provide homes for both our retired and working stable staff. It purchased land in Lambourn, now called Francome Fields, and it has now built 18 houses there. It has also purchased another two 3 bed houses whilst it is currently involved in the possible purchase of a house in Lambourn which is already converted into 3 flats, two of which would be for single staff.

Looking much further on, planning permission may be sought for six single people flats at Francome Fields. Houses in this area are expensive and many of those in Lambourn are lived in by people who are not working in the racing industry.

If you would like to make a donation of any amount, large or small, please send a cheque to: “The Lambourn Valley Housing Trust” at 2 The Drove Way, Kingston Lisle, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 9QW, UK.

The late Peter Walwyn, former Chairman of the Lambourn Trainers Association said: “There are many reasons for a successful yard and one of the most important is the staff. They are not as richly rewarded as we would like and we are always likely to lose key trained lads and lasses when they have just married. Quite rightly they want a home of their own together, but cannot afford to rent anything suitable.”

Registered Charity Number 1049742
Registered Office: Raceyard Cottage, Kingston Lisle, Wantage OX12 9QH